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The Hong Kong Metropolis 

Hong Kong is the meeting point of the East and West. People come here from all over the world for business, to study, to meet friends and relatives, and for a host of other reasons. They usually rent or buy properties during their stay.  

Hong Kong properties, however, are unique in many ways. In the first place, no one can purchase freehold land. Secondly, people invariably co-own a land lot with other co-owners; all occupants, therefore, are subject to mutual rights and obligations – even if they live in what appears to be a detached house. And, even the simplest structural work done to their home might require consent from the appropriate owners' corporation or governmental authority.

Needless to say, proper and timely advice from property professionals may avoid unnecessary disputes and problems in the future.  

Cultural diversity and the Institute 

Property professionals from other countries, who call Hong Kong their home, can bring their valuable experience to serve both the local population, as well as new arrivals settling here. Invariably, some visitors may feel more at ease when served by property professionals from the same culture, or who speak the same language.  

The founder members, a small group of estate agency practitioners representing several nationalities, aspire to serve the Hong Kong public and the international resident community by dedicating their spare time to share their local real estate experience and to provide mutual support. This is the main rationale for the establishment of the Hong Kong Institute of Estate Agents.

English, as the international business language, is our language of communication but resources permitting we may also use other languages. Global in outlook, we open our membership to all practitioners without distinction as to race, colour, sex, religion or other personal or social characteristics, and the rights and obligations of all members are equal. 

We serve the public in the same spirit.

Contact us : admin@hkiea.hk
Registered office : 176 Johnston Road, 9/F, Wanchai, Hong Kong.